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Andy Warhol Galéria Kassán

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Before you come to the gallery, you need to call +421 908 976 609, agree on the date of your coming and report the number of visitors coming with you

Hotel Múza


Andy Warhol’s unique originals in Košice


Mihal Gallery - Andy Warhol in SlovakiaThe Mihal Gallery – the gallery established in the MÚZA hotel is a one-of-its-kind project trying to outline the life and work of Andy Warhol, a world-famous artist. One of the 25 pieces the gallery exhibits is his unique Marilyn Monroe. It is Warhol’s manual unpublished print. Its uniqueness also lies in the fact that it is different from his well-known pop-art icon images of this world-famous actress and it is put in an early 60s frame. To get to the collection, the visitor has to pass an unusual glass staircase tastefully decorated with “visuals” of Warhol’s masterpieces. Another thing that makes this gallery so special is the “presence” of Andy Warhol himself, i.e. his life-size statue presenting the artist sitting on a huge Campbell’s soup can in a relaxed pose. Those who are interested in detailed reference to Andy Warhol’s life and work can have a look in the catalogues. Moreover, there are audiovisual projects running on a large screen directly in the gallery.


Apart from its traditional, i.e. gallery activities, this place also offers consulting services for those who would like to invest in modern art. If you want to invest in or buy some pieces (those exhibited in the gallery included) do not hesitate to contact us.


Andy Warhol - Marilyn Monroe



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